Morocco Desert Tours

The private tours from Marrakech offer an insight about Morocco

Tourism in morocco is flourishing with visitors coming across all over the globe to have a unique holiday experience in this country. This is because Morocco offers something for everyone whether you are interested in the beach holiday, water sports, culture and museums, arts, relaxation, adventure, trekking or even a desert camp. Being in the intersection of Europe and African with Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean bordering you can find a convergence of cultures in the country with Europeans, Africans, Jews, Berbers and Arabs living in harmony. The country has diversified terrains like the snowy peak mountain on one side and the vast sand dunes of the desert on the other side. By finding a reliable tour operator like Sun Trails you can surely plan for private tours from Marrakech with customised itinerary of your choice. Marrakech is one place that is surrounded by many popular tourist destinations and hence you can join for the tours from Marrakech to cover most of the holiday spots in a day or two.


You can also plan for customised Morocco tours with the help of the tour operator or join their tours that range from a week to 10 days based on different themes. You can join tours like caravans’ dust, land of the setting sun, oases and palm groves, lost kingdoms, Marrakech, Atlas and the coast etc that would truly offer you a wonderful holiday experience. You can also join the helicopter tour to view the snowy peak mountains of the Great Atlas and join the camel treks to explore the vast sand dunes of the desert. The bronze age rock engravings would surely offer you a thrilling experience and you can also come across the 8th century old Berber Igoudars and hundreds of years back fortresses in Morocco. There are also many UNESCO recognised heritage sites in Morocco. You can also explore the culture and history of the nation by joining the local nomads for a tea and staying in their Berber Igoudars. You can visit the local markets, museums, arts and crafts bazar, local worship places etc that would really give you the life style of the locals.


The tour operator shall take of planning your itinerary to suit your interests and arrange for the local travel and accommodation along with a guide for you to enjoy a vacation in Morocco. The desert camp is also one thing that you should not miss out on your visit to Morocco.

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