Morocco Desert Tours

Join customized private Morocco tours that suits your requirements from Sun Trails

If you are planning a trip to Morocco, you are not left with any other choice but to hook up to some travel and tours company that can guide you properly on the places you need to visit in Morocco. Morocco is a place where there is something special for every tourist. Therefore, if you do not approach a tours and travels company, you may end up ruining your trip because of poor planning and lack of knowledge on what exactly you need to see there. Sun Trails is a company that is situated in Casablanca. The company has a team of specialists who have very good experience in creating customized private morocco tours for you according to your specific requirements and taste. The team of specialists include both local Moroccan staff as well as people from Europe and they will make the perfect itinerary for you once you land in Morocco. Morocco offers something special in all the seasons and it is perhaps one of the very few places where you can visit during any season. The staff of Sun Trails makes efforts to understand the customers first and make note of their personal likes and dislikes. They do this to plan the itinerary for them accordingly. 


Some tourists love to explore different cultures, while others like ancient monuments and some just want to enjoy the beauty that the place offers. The itineraries are therefore planned according to the specific needs of the tourists and stress is given on letting them see what they actually like to. Apart from the places of interest that the tourist would like to see, the staff also adds any other interesting places that are worth a visit when someone visits Morocco. Sun Trails also creates luxury morocco tours for you that provide you with more than just sightseeing. You can enjoy the camel rides at the Great Sahara Desert and also spend a night in an 'Out-of-Africa' desert tent and also enjoy visiting a Moroccan cooking class where you get to learn how to make authentic spicy Moroccan style Marrakech or Fez. You can also learn baking breads from the locals in a village stove. You can have an aerial view by taking a hot air balloon flight over Marrakech. Morocco has a lot more to offer like latest boutique and luxury Riads, eco lodges, kasbahs and hotels. You can also try out the most luxurious spas and restaurants and attend music festivals that give you an idea on how the local music of Morocco sounds like.

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